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TSI is an innovative, growth oriented Information Systems consulting firm. We provide a wide range of business solutions in the areas of System Integration, Application Development, Consulting and Recruiting services.

Techware Systems Inc. is dedicated to assisting organizations throughout the entire process of planning, selecting, implementing, supporting, and managing the changes associated with the systems to address enterprise-wide information management goals. By identifying and responding to the expanding needs of our clients, TSI has become one of the preeminent firms specializing in enterprise application solutions. Our ability to assist our clients in all phases of information management planning, systems, development, and results measurement, has established TSI’s reputation as a leader in its field.

·        Visioning and strategic planning

·        Enterprise performance management

·        Solution assessment and product selection

·        Business case and impact analysis

·        Change management

·        Technology infrastructure planning and support

·        Vendor product implementation

·        Product upgrade planning and support

·        Outsourced enterprise services

·        Education planning and delivery

Goal of Services

Using proven methodologies and established tools, we assist our clients with the full range of consulting activities. Our services drive economic value through increased organizational performance. We focus on aligning corporate strategy with operational initiatives, innovating business processes, and deploying enabling technologies to empower individuals to become more effective.

  1. Strategic planningwe help clients achieve innovative solutions by aligning business processes and system strategies with corporate goals and objectives. Our strategic planning services include:
    • Articulating strategic vision for people, processes, and technology
    • Developing strategies to close the gap between the current state and the strategic vision
    • Identifying alternative business models, including associated opportunities, costs, and benefits
    • Developing the business/technology model which provided the highest ROI
    • Defining the project scope, objectives, timing, and resource requirements
  1. Solution Definition and Planning we help organizations to define requirements and select appropriate vendors for software and related hardware. We assess and plan for the organizational impact of new technologies. Our solution definition and planning services include:
    • Evaluating current systems, business processes, and support organization structures
    • Documenting business, technical, and service level requirements for vendor “short listing”
    • Prioritizing requirements, available technologies, and associated business changes
    • Facilitating client developing RFP documents, evaluating vendors, and scripted demonstrations
    • Conducting management consensus decisions on products and services
    • Defining project phasing, pace, detailed project plans, and project mobilization.
  1. Business Process Innovation Using an approach that encourages active client participation, we help our clients (re)design processes with an eye to industry best practices and enabling technologies. Our business process innovation services include:
    • Assessing opportunities to improve business performance while focusing on reducing costs
    • Defining target performance levels based on identifiable best practices, industry peer group, and knowledge-enabled process innovation concepts
    • Defining process implementation and technology requirements to achieve the recommended levels of performance
    • Mapping the “to be” processes against specific software solutions to maximize the performance impact for the product’s intended use.
  1. Impact Analysis and Business CaseWe help our clients develop a realistic estimate of total project costs, and measure the impact of a project on people, processes, and technology. Our impact analysis and business case services include:
    • Defining elements of costs and categories of benefits, including productivity variables
    • Developing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models
    • Developing Total Benefit of Ownership (TBO) models
    • Preparing ROI analyses to obtain executive support and resource commitment
  1. Change ManagementUsing proactive and effective change management techniques, we enable our clients to effectively overcome people’s natural resistance to change and ensure long-term project success. Our change management service include:
    • Evaluating organizational and technology change impact
    • Defining risk mitigation requirements
    • Preparing user/organizational communication strategies, audiences, campaigns, and content
    • Defining consensus building programs
    • Defining and developing feedback and assessment instruments
    • Building project teams and organizational change agents.
  1. Enterprise Performance Management – Using best practices management framework known as the Balances Scorecard, we help clients make strategy work – rapidly, measurably, knowledgeably – and enhance enterprise performance. Our enterprise performance management services include:
    • Aligning structure with strategy and organization to leverage human assists and knowledge
    • Linking enterprise system metrics to executive and “front office” measurements
    • Developing diagnostics, performance mapping, and behavioral measures
    • Deploying performance software desktop prototypes and analyses
  1. Solutions Development and Modeling Techware Systems Inc. provides enhanced technology support during management consulting engagements through our Solutions Development Center (SDC). Many organizations choose to address their enterprise system needs by integrating a number of different software/hardware components in the “best-of-best” approach. The SDC extends our management consulting capabilities by providing a technology center where our resources can assist with demonstrating software package functionality and comparability and provide as well as integration services for the chosen solution components in a controlled and highly effective environment. The SDC also houses a team of technical experts and developers who can provide insightful, cost-effective support to management consulting engagements worldwide.
  1. Training- The know-how of your company is one of the most important prerequisites of your future success. Only the continuous professional training to your employees will ensure your long term success.

Through our practice oriented training methods your employees will gain basic or advanced knowledge in existing ERP application functionality and efficient use approaches.

TSI’s Commitment

Techware Systems Inc’ consulting practice has developed an enviable track record in assisting clients in the strategy, definition, and deployment of comprehensive solutions to a wide spectrum of challenges. Our service focuses on aligning corporate strategies and business objectives with effective use of innovative technologies. Our experience helps us ensure that projects teams avoid the common barrier that presents unnecessary limitations to the development of creative solutions. We introduce and facilitate new ideas and approaches, challenge assumptions and propose alternate scenarios and technology usage to achieve results.

To discuss the details of our Consulting services of your organization, contact Techware Systems Inc and ask to speak with one of our business development managers.